The wait continues . . .

Well, nothing yet, absolutely nothing.

I think this has been the hardest part of the process for me.  When we had time left it was no big deal, but now that we are this close the hours seem to be dragging on. It has been 12 days since the doctors predicted a week and 4 days since they said if it is not here in a week they will induce,  and yet nothing.

I know that it is better for the baby to “cook a little longer” (and with the SoCal temps today it sure is cooking) but that does not seem to help calm the anxiousness.

Last week at work seemed to go on forever.  I was expecting each day to get a call to head home, but the phone never rang.  It has gotten to the point that I am just kind of there, not concerned about getting anything done or being productive in any way. The farther into the week it got the more my patience slipped away and by Friday I was telling Paige to just call and say I needed to come home just to get out of work.  Unfortunately she is responsible and refused to do so.

I have been joking all weekend that Paige needs to hold off until Monday morning. Just give me enough time to get my breakfast burrito, and get signed in at work then call me away before traffic gets bad.  In reality we are as ready as we will be, and neither of us want to wait any longer.

So now, here it is Sunday evening, and no signs of anything happening and another work week on the horizon with no motivation to do anything but meet our new adventurer.

We should have used Amazon Prime




2 thoughts on “The wait continues . . .

  1. LOL. it is so hard waiting! My husband is so anxious for me to go into real labor that I feel worse for him than me! I have less than a week until my due date and it is DRAGGING.


  2. The waiting was the most agonizing part. Every little contraction I had 37 weeks on I was ready to go to the hospital. But, I ended up having to have a scheduled C-section and my body had no signs it was close to labor, I still wonder when it would have happened naturally!


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