We are Family Off The Map

We are the Mateski’s, an adventure family living in Southern California with our Toddler daughter. We absolutely love to travel and camp, and most weekends and any vacation days will find us outside. Our daughter travels with us and has since she was about five weeks old.

We are out to prove that if you love to have adventures, you CAN bring the kids, no matter the age.

Paige Mateski - Author PhotoPaige– I have spent my whole life camping and traveling with my family. My parents like to joke that I rode in my mom’s backpack while they hiked across the Sierras when I was about 6 weeks old. I grew up off-roading in the back seat of my dads’ 63 Jeep CJ5. They instilled a strong sense of adventure and love of the outdoors at a very young age that I hope to pass on to our daughter.

Cris "BlkWgn" Mateski - Author Photo

Cris– I am in my late thirties, married and Dad to a beautiful little girl. I work in the entertainment industry, which keeps me in the city during the week, but it also supplies the gas money to get out of town. Over the last 20 years, the love for the outdoor lifestyle has really grown. It does not matter if it is a short hike, an afternoon in the hammock, a night around the campfire, a day of off-roading in the Power Wagon or a week-long overland trip that combines it all together with friends and family—you can sign me up.


Baby Wagon– BW is the newest addition to our little adventure troop. Since her first trip, at 5 weeks old, she has loved to be outside and finds it hilarious to make us chase her around camp.