Easy Mothers Day Gifts Awesome Moms will Love

With Mothers Day just around the corner, I am on the search, looking for the best and most thoughtful gifts that my kiddo can make (with a bit of help from dad). I love DIY gifts because they are so personal, and now that I’m a mom myself, I know how touching it is to receive a handmade gift that my kiddo worked on herself. Even if I help her, it’s a great way to create a memory. So hang out with me while I go through this great list of DIY gifts for moms!

Morse Code Mothers Day Jewelry

Morse Code Chart to Use for Mothers Day Morse code themed Jewelry
Morse Code Chart

This is such a cool idea. It’s a great personalized gift, without being TOO personalizy… (yeah yeah, I know that’s not a word, but work with me here). It involves getting a Morse code cheat sheet and going to town with beads. It’s also a great way to highlight a secret nickname or personal joke. We are actually making these for the Moms in my life this year… hope they aren’t reading this now. These are easily made with round and straight beads, and whatever findings you choose. I prefer memory wire because its easy and you don’t actually need findings, all you need is the wire and beads. We didn’t follow a tutorial, but these are all over Pinterest, and we really liked this post.

Hand Print Hangings

Hand Made Handprint ornaments with dates and holiday. Great Mothers day Gift!
Our Hand Made Ornaments from Hs’ first Christmas

I love getting my daughters handprints at any point because it’s a great measurement of how she’s growing. Which is way too fast. We have used lightweight air dry clay, and Sculpey for ours, but the same type of kit can be found here. We did this last year for mothers day, and it was loved by all the grandmas. We even made them for my daughters first Christmas as ornaments for my husband. They are some of his most cherished gifts.

Thumb Print Jewelry

Beautiful Sliver Thumbprint Jewelry.
DIY 4 Kids Thumbprint Necklace

We also made thumbprint jewelry! We added them to the handprints and made a really cute necklace with them. I’m actually planning to make one with all three of our prints in the shape of a heart so that I can wear it because we gave the last ones away. This is a great tutorial and goes into depth about each step. Professional hint: Use the gloss to finish, it makes such a huge difference. I have also seen a tutorial where you use a black crayon to add a bit of age to your piece.

Special Mothers Day Dates Picture

Picture with special dates on it, specific to the recipient, for, Mothers Day
Beautiful Hudson Farmhouse Personalized Dates Picture

This is such a good idea for Mother’s day, especially if there are multiple kids. You could really easily print this up on your computer if you don’t have great handwriting. I love the idea of the wedding date and the birth date, but it would also be fun to put the date of the first date, proposal, wedding, birth announcement and then the actual birthday if you wanted to get really in depth. A cute and inexpensive frame finishes this gift off, and you don’t need to be particularly crafty or talented to put this together, and we love that. I found this at Hudson Farmhouse Blog, and I loved the idea.

Age Hand Print

This is another one that’s pretty easy but still means so much. I love handprint gifts if you couldn’t tell. I found it here, but it’s all over Pinterest. I love the little poem, and if you date it and take note of the holiday, it’s a very sweet gift for mom or grandma, or even a regular baby sitter or nanny.

Handprint artwork with a little poem and the date.
This Is So Cute! It would make a great Parent Gift.

So many of these are handprint gifts, but I feel like as a mom, you can’t get enough of your kiddos handprints. I also personally love when my little one helps to make me a sweet snack that I don’t have to share, (even though she knows I always do). Do you have a go-to Mothers Day gift for the moms in your life that never get old? My fall back is usually handmade jewelry, or photos in frames, because those are what I love to get myself. If you have any great ideas, please let us know!

Pinterest image with examples of handmade Mothers Day gifts.

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