Memorial Day Camping Trip -or- We Forgot Everything!

We hope everyone had a fantastic Memorial Day, while remembering those who have fallen for our country.


We spent our time just out side of Big Bear near Rose Mine, with some great friends.

A great shot of our camp by a new friend Graham, of AeroContinental. His company creates that beautiful Cab-Over Camper in the back left.
Baby Wagon and her buddy exploring our campsite

We also forgot two important components of our camping trips: the playpen and the baby carrier. With a VERY mobile baby, this was going to be interesting.

Exploring with Mommy


Being that were were pretty far from home, and couldn’t really improvise, we did what we do best: went with the flow.

You must really want these, since you keep batting them out of my mouth…

We did end up doing a ton of running after her, and since we were on a bit of a hill, we had to make sure she wasn’t getting too close to the edge, but once she got used to the unevenness of the ground, she did really well!


Can I eat these?

Cris and I took turns chasing her and taking rocks and sticks out of her mouth, and carrying her when she got frustrated or tired. Our awesome friends stepped up as well to help hold her if we needed a hand.

[wpvideo qMbx3vOC]

On Sunday, we made a trail run through Rattlesnake Canyon and down to Pappy and Harriet’s for lunch in Pioneer Town. It was a longer drive than we anticipated, mainly because we had so many rigs,  but still scenic and fun, and it gave Cris a chance to flex his spotting muscles. It was a two hour wait in 90 degree heat though, so we turned tail and went back to our campsite for dinner, and cool air, at a higher altitude.

Trail snacks!
A good looking line up

The general consensus was to head into town on Monday for huge pancakes at Grizzly Manor, before heading down the hill by way of Clark’s Grade and Middle Control Road.

I’m getting me some pancakes!

It was a beautiful drive, even after missing a couple turn offs, and we saw quite a few Red Tailed Hawks, and Jackrabbits along the way.

It held still JUST long enough
BlkWgn with a view
What’s in your rear view?

On a side note, how adorable are these Baby Keens? My dad and stepmom got them for us a few months before she was born and we LOVE them. We are totally a keen family, so these were an awesome gift. I’ll be very sad when she grows out of them.


All in all a nice relaxing way to spend  a weekend!

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