Five Tips for potty training while camping

Five Tips for Potty Training While Camping

A few weeks ago, we found our selves back at the American Adventurist Mountain Rendezvous at Camp Taquitz up in Big Bear California. This particular rendezvous was a little bit more trying than the past ones have been. No, not because it was a weekend surrounded by like-minded campers or the amazing pot luck and dutch oven competition, but because we were also attempting to not take backward steps potty training while camping for 4 days.

Covered in love, and dirt… lots of dirt

We have made a few strides at home while potty training, transitioning to slightly padded training underwear from training diapers, and using the big potty instead of the training potty. But we knew potty training in camp we were probably going to take a few steps back because of the environment we were in, but it was going to be dragging me kicking and screaming if I had anything to do with it. We have put together some tips so you don’t have to give up activities like camping when you’re potty training

Do Get A Special Potty for Training While Camping
Special Camp Potty For Potty Training

We use a Camco toilet lid on a 5-gallon bucket with potty bags that have a special powder that transitions bio waste into a gel that can be thrown away. We have also used the Reliance Brand Double Doodie waste bags, that can be picked up at Walmart. (pack it in, pack it out, leave no trace right?) While our campsite was in an active boy scout camp and did have toilets, BB Wagon was not so keen on the spiders and darkness of the bathrooms. We used this “special camp potty” in our tent so she could go in relative comfort. It was a win for us because it made life a lot easier during the evening and early morning go-times.

Biodegradable Flushable Wipes are great for Potty Training While Camping

These make a big difference in the potty training experience even at home while transitioning to the big girl potty, these have been great. She does not like using toilet paper, probably because she is used to wet baby wipes, and it feels a bit harsh on her bum. Flushable wipes have helped the transition immensely, and she’s far more willing to go, knowing that these are what she gets to use instead. While camping they also pack a little easier and offer better cleaning, and while these are getting packed out, it is still nice to know that they are biodegradable.

Don’t Be Afraid To Take A Step Back In A New Environment

Tired Girl in Her Sleeping Bag

After rinsing out several pairs of underwear the first day, we decided to go back to training diapers while camping. She was having so much fun getting dirty and exploring the camp, she would forget to listen to her body. Big protests ensued when trying to stick to our “practice” every hour or so. Washing out pants and underwear got really old, especially since it happened 3 times in THE FIRST DAY. Since we had a limited supply of clean clothes with us, we made the choice to use training diapers and be a little safer, if there were accidents. This worked for us, and we went through fewer clothes and diapers than we thought we would.

Trust Your Gut

We’ve been potty training for what feels like months. I had to personally come to terms with the fact that, for us, it would not be a short trip to potty land. Once I realized that it is ok to not be a quick study in this aspect, I became much less frustrated and more patient. I still don’t like to encourage half-hour potty trips, but if that is what it takes, well then, I’m here for it.

Bribery Works For Potty Training
LIttle red head drinking gatorade
Drinking Gatorade to Stay Hydrated

We are using the Penny, Sticker and Jelly Bean Method. Or you know, whatever happens, to be on hand to beg, bribe or pay. She gets to enjoy her treat while sitting on the potty, we get to ensure that she stays still long enough to actually do the deed. Knowing she’s getting a little prize helps her to stop what she’s doing and go sit for a little while. We also like to read or sing while she’s sitting there so it’s not too boring for her.

Above all, have fun and stay positive. We got through the trip with minimal accidents and still had a great time, it just took a few adjustments. What has worked for you when traveling or potty training while camping?

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