Five Tips for Potty Training While Camping

Five Tips for potty training while camping

This week we found our selves back at the American Adventurist Mountain Rendezvous at Camp Taquitz up in Big Bear. This particular rendezvous was a little bit more trying than the past ones have been. No, not because it was a weekend surrounded by like-minded campers or the amazing pot luck and dutch oven competition, but because we were also attempting to potty train while we camped for 4 days.

Good Outdoor Gear for Curvy Adventurists

I have been curvy my whole life. While I am healthy, love myself, and have come to terms with my ever-fluctuating body, it’s been a frustrating trip trying to find clothing that I love and feel good in, and gear that works for traveling and adventuring the way we do. The average woman is a … Read more Good Outdoor Gear for Curvy Adventurists

Staying Safe on the Road

Summer is less than a week away and like many families, we are starting to plan our upcoming trips.  It is easy to get caught up in searching for a campsite, or scanning maps for the perfect route or even just scrolling through Instagram for inspiration and overlook an important part of the plan.  Luckily we have Andy Murphy from The Secure Dad to share some tips to help you prepare for a safe journey.

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