No Pool? No Problem! How to beat Summer

Summer is officially here and it’s getting hotter by the day.

20180507_151121-01.jpegAs a family who doesn’t have a pool or even much of a kid-friendly backyard, we knew we would have to get creative when trying to keep cool this summer.

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Update: Colby Valve Emergency Valve Stems – Peace of Mind on the Trail

Colby Valve is just an outstanding company.  They have sent out an upgrade kit to all of their customers.  FOR FREE!  Not because there is something wrong or defective with the originals, but because they want their customers to be happy and have the best product possible.

Good Outdoor Gear for Curvy Adventurists

I have been curvy my whole life. While I am healthy, love myself, and have come to terms with my ever-fluctuating body, it’s been a frustrating trip trying to find clothing that I love and feel good in, and gear that works for traveling and adventuring the way we do. The average woman is a … Read more Good Outdoor Gear for Curvy Adventurists

Customer service isn’t dead at Campmor

This is a short post, but this situation kind of caught me off, guard.  We are currently in planning and prep mode for our upcoming winter trip to Utah.  This gives me a great excuse to do some gear shopping since Hunter will need a quality cold-weather setup.  I started searching through all my favorite … Read more Customer service isn’t dead at Campmor

Saving Dough for the Fun Stuff

Giving birth and raising a child is intimidating enough, WITHOUT worrying about the financial ramifications. We were concerned about money, but that’s really not any different from how we were before, and we knew that we would make it work. Our little bundle was worth every bit of the struggle. I am a die hard bargain hunter, and pretty darn good at stretching a buck, so I knew I could help save in places that Cris wasn’t familiar with, without much trouble. Besides, if we could save a little on things like toys, clothes, and diapers, we could have some extra for memory making trips.

Here are some of the ways we have come up with thus far.

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