Thanksgiving weekend in the SoCal Desert

Hard to believe but it has already been 5 months.  We have no idea how, or where the time went, but that’s what the calendar says.

Gobble til you wobble

To be honest, we know where the time has gone.  We have been camping.

We normally take advantage of the long Thanksgiving weekend to head out, and this year it was out to Death Valley with a few of our friends from American Adventurist.

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Halos Chocolate Mandarins

Years ago, before Cris and I were married, we went to a Christmas party at a close friends parents home. The BIG THING that year was the chocolate fountain set up in their kitchen, with a huge array of “dippables” surrounding it. Everything from bacon to marshmallows to various fruits and potato chips, and being the adventurous riffraff we are, we decided to add cheese cubes and ham, and if I am remembering correctly, even some baloney, on the theory that chocolate makes everything better.

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