Finding a Pediatric Dentist

With a little one who is cutting molars, we have recently started discussing how to choose a pediatric dentist for Baby Wagon, and how to go about introducing her to proper dental care.

We have her brush her teeth on a pretty regular basis, although I will admit to having a hard time corralling her long enough to do it properly. Usually, I brush for her for as long as she will let me, about 20 seconds, then she grabs the brush to chew on for a bit. The pediatrician has given the OK on this practice, but I still want to have her brushing regularly before we go see a dentist.

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It’s Self CARE, Not SelfISH- But That’s OK Too

We love being parents. Period.

I mean… How could we not love that face?


That isn’t, however, to say that every once in a while we don’t want to take a break and be on our own, or go out with our wonderful friends, sans child.

And that’s OK. It doesn’t make me or Cris any less of a parent to say “I need a break for a bit”.

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