Finding a Pediatric Dentist

With a little one who is cutting molars, we have recently started discussing how to choose a pediatric dentist for Baby Wagon, and how to go about introducing her to proper dental care.

We have her brush her teeth on a pretty regular basis, although I will admit to having a hard time corralling her long enough to do it properly. Usually, I brush for her for as long as she will let me, about 20 seconds, then she grabs the brush to chew on for a bit. The pediatrician has given the OK on this practice, but I still want to have her brushing regularly before we go see a dentist.


I managed a family dental practice for a while, back in the day, and learned while I was there, that dentistry is still unfortunately regarded by many people (including insurance) as non-essential healthcare when, in fact, the total opposite is the case. Many illnesses can stem from plaque and dental issues, so it’s important to get kiddos started in taking good care of their teeth while they are young. Good habits should be instilled early on.


I don’t want her to be afraid to go to the dentist, so finding the right dentist for our family is essential. My advice would be to ask around and pay attention to the reviews. We used to recommend that the kids go to an appointment with the family dentist and watch mom or dad get a checkup and cleaning, but not any major work done, so they know what to expect. It worked well for the family practice I worked at, and usually, once the kids saw their parents having a cleaning, we would be able to get the kiddos excited about it. When the time comes, I’ll be doing the same thing with my little one, to show her what to expect.


It doesn’t have to be scary or expensive, if you start training them early, and instill good habits.

Why not? After all, we only get one set. (Well, one permanent set anyways)

How did you introduce dental care to your little ones, we welcome advice!

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