Changing It Up

Changing It Up

Change is hard. Not everyone wants to embrace it, but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet to do whats best for you and yours.

Like all parents, we don’t trust just anyone with our daughter. I am very careful about who watches her, and who she spends time with. So, understandably, when it comes to her health and happiness, I could not just trust any random pediatrician.

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Finding a Pediatric Dentist

Finding a Pediatric Dentist

With a little one who is cutting molars, we have recently started discussing how to choose a pediatric dentist for Baby Wagon, and how to go about introducing her to proper dental care. We have her brush her teeth on a pretty regular basis, although I will admit to having a hard time corralling her long enough to do it properly. Usually, I brush for her for as long as she will let me, about 20 seconds, then she grabs the brush to chew on for a bit. The pediatrician has given the OK on this practice, but I still want to have her brushing regularly before we go see a dentist.

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SHHHH….. Baby Sleeping

SHHHH….. Baby Sleeping

We weren’t going to do it.


Sorry for the horrible quality, taken around midnight with a cell phone in a tent that had a small lamp in it… Because she was WIDE AWAKE

Even at the most awake of nights. We were not going to have Baby Wagon in bed with us. I just knew I would roll over on her. I knew Cris would roll over on her. It was a decision that we made together before she came, and darn it, we were going to stick to it.

This is generally what I get to wake up to when she’s in our bed. At least she’s happy when she wakes up!

You can laugh now.

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