“The Tub Makes A Great Toilet” Said No One Ever – What To Do When Your Little Poops In the Tub


So. Funny thing.


Funny now. Kind of.

Like many parents, Baby Wagon and I often shower together to save time. I usually have to strap her into her bath seat, because she won’t keep her cute little behind on the floor of the bathtub, and tries to stomp the water, resulting in falling on her fanny.


The other night, I let the tub fill after I had finished cleaning, so BW could have some fun splashing around. The tub was full of toys (mainly ducks, because for some reason those are always what she picks out), and I noticed that she was pretty gassy. I made a mental note to give her some Mothers Bliss before bed when I saw from the corner of my eye that there was more floating in the tub than just her toys.


Was that? No. It couldn’t be. My eyes are totally playing tricks on me, right? Please let that be what is happening (Peeks again) NOPE.

That’s right. THAT WAS NOT GAS.


Here’s how we handled it:

Finger check their mouth! For the love of all that is cute and cuddly, make sure that nothing made its way into that kid’s mouth while you weren’t looking.

Remember that you love your kid, and this happens to everyone (probably). So, after freaking out internally, for like 7 seconds, I told her that it was ok and not her fault, we just needed to get out of the tub for a few minutes. Yelling doesn’t help anything in this situation, right?


Remove the kid from the water and flush the evidence. I made sure the door was shut, and let her run around the bathroom all nekie baby while I scooped the offending items from the tub, flushed them, and threw all the toys in the sink. Then I let the water drain.

Rinse the kid off, and either let them remain naked while you finish cleaning, or call your other half to diaper and entertain while you figure out what to do about this. I chose to call Cris to do some entertaining while I cleaned up.

Scrub that tub, with soap and water.This includes pulling up the nonslip mat to get to all those little poopoo particles.


Clean your ankles and feet, because, if you share the tub, you have just realized that you’ve been standing in ankle deep poopy water. Yuck.

Clean those toys, especially if they have any holes at all, do a hot water and soap clean, they should also probably be boiled, just in case.

I’m sure this won’t be the last time this happens (but I can hope), so for next time, did we miss anything?

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