To Free Or Not To Free The Leash Kids

20171015_110108-011504335870.jpegA few weeks ago, we attended the American Adventurist So Cal Mountain Rendezvous. While we had, as usual, a fantastic time, Baby Wagon chose this particular trip to assert her sense of independence and exploration. No matter what we tried, be it, riding on my back in our Ergo, hanging out in her fold up wagon, or her playpen, she wanted to be running 10 or 20 feet in front of us, and proceeded to struggle and cry when one of us tried to hold her hand while walking. At a campsite, or at home, this might be fine, but at a crowded event, or on the street, it just doesn’t fly.


Being that she is too young, at 15 months, to understand that it’s not safe to go out on her own, and has no interest in holding our hands, both Cris and I were at a loss to figure out how to keep her close and safe, while still giving a little bit of freedom.


I had always been against the idea of a “leash” for babies (in fact, in college, I had a pin that said “Free the Leash Kids!”), but after a three days spent running down a hill at top speed to try and head off tumble after tumble, I figured it might be time to give one a try.


It arrived home before we did.


We went with this one from Amazon.

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 4.59.22 PM.png

It’s fully adjustable and adjusts down to her very small size with no problem, she even puts it on herself and really likes having the freedom it offers her. It also comes in several different styles, and has a fun squeaker in the front which, thank God, she hasn’t discovered yet. Oh yeah, and super affordable.


So far I have used it while camping, roaming the streets of Big Bear, and while at a children’s museum, and she loves it! She loves to have the freedom to go at her own pace, and we love that we still have control while she roams.


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