We’re Talking About Pretend City- Part 2


Last week we told you about our first impressions of Pretend City, and how much fun we had as a family there.

But one of the most wonderful things about a place like Pretend City is that, not only are they a fun outing for an active family, but they are also constantly giving back to the community, in ways that really matter.


Pretend City started as a resource for families with children on the Autistic scale, and it continues to provide free and cost-effective resources for everything from homeschooling to school teachers to family therapy. Along with hosting field trips and homeschooling events, they offer a whole bonus of in-class materials right on site, and on their website as well.


On the last Friday of every month, Pretend City closes to the public, and opens its doors to the families in the community with children on the Autistic scale and other special needs, with a Family Autism Night. From 5 -7:30 pm, the lights are dimmed and the noise is kept to a minimum to provide a calmer atmosphere, where families can play and learn at their own pace. Free admission is provided for behavioral therapists and families with children on the spectrum, or with other special needs.

Pretend City - Imagination Place

There are also a number of other community partners and specialists that go to the events to answer any questions a family might have.


Pretend City also has a child development initiative called Good To Go, that focuses on the importance of educational play, and well baby and child Dr. visits to ensure healthy development.


More about their innumerable resources can be learned at their website, PretendCity.Org

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