We’re Talking About Pretend City- Part 2

Last week we told you about our first impressions of Pretend City, and how much fun we had as a family there. But one of the most wonderful things about a place like Pretend City is that, not only are they a fun outing for an active family, but they are also constantly giving back … Read more We’re Talking About Pretend City- Part 2

Pretend City- Children’s Museum Orange County- Pt. 1

In a small, unassuming business park in Irvine, Ca, lies a bit of a hidden gem for the younger kiddos in your life. We got a chance to hang out with our partner, Pretend City this past weekend, and WOW. The proprietors of this Non-profit establishment have taken a largish warehouse and completely transformed it … Read more Pretend City- Children’s Museum Orange County- Pt. 1

Getting Creative with Baby Hacks

As parents of an adorable, busy little toddler, we are always looking for Baby Hacks to make life a little easier or make things happen a little faster. Therefore, we have become pretty creative in our home and during our travels.

The following baby hacks are things that we have come up with (and a bonus found all over Pinterest), that have been working for us.

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SHHHH….. Baby Sleeping

We weren’t going to do it.


Sorry for the horrible quality, taken around midnight with a cell phone in a tent that had a small lamp in it… Because she was WIDE AWAKE

Even at the most awake of nights. We were not going to have Baby Wagon in bed with us. I just knew I would roll over on her. I knew Cris would roll over on her. It was a decision that we made together before she came, and darn it, we were going to stick to it.

This is generally what I get to wake up to when she’s in our bed. At least she’s happy when she wakes up!

You can laugh now.

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