Getting Creative with Baby Hacks

As parents of an adorable, busy little toddler, we are always looking for Baby Hacks to make life a little easier or make things happen a little faster. Therefore, we have become pretty creative in our home and during our travels.

The following baby hacks are things that we have come up with (and a bonus found all over Pinterest), that have been working for us.

Tablet Hanger - Baby Hack

We do a lot of long car trips. While BW does really well in the car, it always helps to have something extra in our back pocket, just in case. On a recent trip home from visiting my cousin in Arizona, I used a hanger over the headrest to hold my tablet while it played a few previously downloaded movies since we knew she would be awake for most of the trip. I simply removed the headrest, added the hanger, backward, and hung the tablet by its case, upside down. We had a happy, relaxed baby for the whole 6-hour trip home.

Food Storage - Baby HackWho doesn’t loose every single food storage container lid to the cabinet monster? For some reason though, baby bottle lids stay with the bottles. Since Baby Wagon was very particular about her bottles, and would only drink from one kind for a long time. We made use of the others by storing snacks in them. The little breast milk storage bottles are the perfect size for gold-fish and Cheerios,  two of her favorite snacks! I also send baby cereal in them to her grandparents’ house and use them to portion out leftovers for lunches.

Window Dressing - Baby Hack

I hate blinds. I HATE them. They are finger fodder for our kiddo, who loves to pull at the strings while she wanders. I really wanted to get rid of the blinds in her room, while still sticking to the cute baby aesthetic, and realized that we had a few grey and white muslins that we weren’t really using, and would match enough to hang on the windows. Because we are in a rental, I couldn’t actually take the blinds down, but I pulled them all the way up, tied up the strings, and put them on top of the unit, so they weren’t showing and could no longer be pulled at during diaper changes. I added curtain clips and a tension rod, and viola! Cute, baby themed curtains that didn’t cost me much at all! As an added bonus, I needed no time, tools, or sewing skills to put them up. The whole process took about 5 minutes while BW was napping. They make the room feel a little more homey, and immediately changed the aesthetics. I am VERY happy with the results. Do you have more muslins that you need to find a use for, check out our post Swaddle Me Not!

NO Sew!

Bathtub Safety - Baby Hack

We had a newborn bath that we used for a few months, but BW grew out of it pretty quickly. Since we don’t have a lot of storage at our place, nor did we want to spend a lot of money buying a baby bath that would only be used for a few months, I decided to try a small laundry basket that we had on hand until she was able to be in a large tub. Worked like a charm! Safe bath time, without extra cost or storage.

DIY Ice Pack - Baby Hack

I have seen this Baby Hack all over Pinterest, and I am here to tell you, it works! We bought an industrial size bag of sponges, put a few of them in Ziplock bags, added a little water and froze them. We constantly have bumps and bruises in our house, and these ice packs are not too cold and form nicely to the head and extremities. They also work great on road trips to keep food cold in our lunch bags.

How have you gotten creative with your parenting? Leave us a comment with your favorite Baby Hack

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