Getting Creative with Baby Hacks

As parents of an adorable, busy little toddler, we are always looking for Baby Hacks to make life a little easier or make things happen a little faster. Therefore, we have become pretty creative in our home and during our travels.

The following baby hacks are things that we have come up with (and a bonus found all over Pinterest), that have been working for us.

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Staying Safe on the Road

Summer is less than a week away and like many families, we are starting to plan our upcoming trips.  It is easy to get caught up in searching for a campsite, or scanning maps for the perfect route or even just scrolling through Instagram for inspiration and overlook an important part of the plan.  Luckily we have Andy Murphy from The Secure Dad to share some tips to help you prepare for a safe journey.

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Colby Valve Emergency Valve Stems – Peace of Mind on the Trail

Colby Valve

Make sure you check out our Update to this Colby Valve review with the link at the bottom!

So how do Colby Valves bring peace of mind to the trail?

Colby Valve - Falken WildPeak MT

Ever had a flat tire?  Most people have experienced at least one, and when you are on the highway it’s an inconvenient hassle.  Now, when you’re in the middle of nowhere on the trail, that hassle multiplies exponentially.  I have always been taught that while off road, you repair your tire instead of using your spare, because once the spare goes on, the day is done, and you head for pavement. Since the last thing I want to do is to have to call a trip early, due to a mechanical failure, I carry a comprehensive tire kit.

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Protecting Little Ears

If you know us, you know a couple of things. One, we LOVE our Ontario Reign Hockey games (We are season ticket holders) and Two, we enjoy off-roading, camping,  and recreational trips to the gun range. When Baby Wagon came along, we were not sure how we could do any of these without damaging her … Read more Protecting Little Ears