SHHHH….. Baby Sleeping

We weren’t going to do it.


Sorry for the horrible quality, taken around midnight with a cell phone in a tent that had a small lamp in it… Because she was WIDE AWAKE

Even at the most awake of nights. We were not going to have Baby Wagon in bed with us. I just knew I would roll over on her. I knew Cris would roll over on her. It was a decision that we made together before she came, and darn it, we were going to stick to it.

This is generally what I get to wake up to when she’s in our bed. At least she’s happy when she wakes up!

You can laugh now.

There are so many schools of thought on co-sleeping, and sleep training that a person could spend years doing the research, and even then, not come away with all of the information that is available. So we decided to just safely play it by feel . . . .

And how sleep deprived we were.

This kid sleeps hard… During the day.

Baby wagon sleeps in her own bed most of the time. But, when she is teething or sick, she sleeps with us (because I like to listen for breathing anomalies). It is uncomfortable, but I find that we do get more sleep than we would if she was up all night in her crib. I can’t bring my self to let her just cry it out, although we don’t jump up at the slightest whimper either. We are learning what her night time wakefulness means as we go along. Besides, with Cris’ insane morning schedule, the faster she gets back to sleep, the better for all of us.

Our little perpendicular sleeper. who knew someone so tiny could take up so much space? What is this witchcraft?

Because of our schedules, she is never in the bed alone, which, for us anyway, is very important. The thought of her falling out of the bed (Erm… Again) really scares me. So we are extremely careful about being in the room if she is on the bed. She tends to “inch-worm” in her sleep, always towards the foot of the bed and in order to keep her immobile to that end, we usually keep a folded (or not so folded) blanket down there so she can’t easily squirm over it.  The use of pillows has become strategic as well.

She loves her dads oldest friend dearly

Both Cris and I were concerned about her safety, but we have taken steps to ensure she’s fine. As it turns out, in our California King bed, there’s plenty of room for the three of us,  even when she is sleeping perpendicular to us. Also, we use separate blankets (because I am a blanket hog) and she ends up in the space between them. She has her dads temperature and is a little heater in her own right, so she rarely wants to be covered by a blanket.

I think the bottom line is that you need to be informed, but also do what works for your family, and your routine.

And you have to love the cuddles.




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