Working Away From Home? There are a Few Advantages

Going back to work after bringing BW into the world was HARD. It still breaks my heart a little to leave her every day, especially now that she’s getting to the point where she knows we’re gone, and there’s tears every time daddy or mommy leave the room. Even just for 5 minutes.

I. Mean. This Face, Right?

However, as hard is it is, there are advantages to being able to be out of the house and baby free for a little while every day.  Before I insult anyone, I am simply a working mom who is trying to look at the bright points of being away from my kid for 10 hours a day, not making assumptions on the lifestyle of anyone else. I admire people who are able to stay at home, or work from home, and as I am currently unable to do that, it helps me to come up with some reasons why I’m ok with not being there.

Adult Conversation

wp-1490202346517.png Christmas Luncheon

Being able to have discussions with other adults is really nice, and you don’t know you’ll miss it until its gone. I love spending time with BW, but it’s wonderful being able to have conversations with the other adults in my life, besides my husband. (Sorry Babe)

Shopping By Yourself

It’s a true joy. Also, I really liked this movie. (Bad Moms)

I never realized that the act of going and running quick errands would make me feel so independent. When I have an hour to run to three different stores on my lunch, and don’t need to worry about getting a diaper bag and car seat ready, its very freeing, and of course I can move through the errands much faster and get far more done.

Eating Alone

Who doesn’t like pizza?

I know it sounds lonely, but BW is at that stage now when she sees food, she wants it, so I need to be prepared to share. I don’t have a problem with that, but it’s nice to sometimes not have to tailor my meals to what an 8 month old can eat.

Bringing in My Own Income

Seriously, good movie…

Working away from home is hard, but knowing I am bringing in a share of our income is great motivation.

Did you have any advantages that you enjoyed after going back to work?



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