A Mother’s Day Shout Out

This week, while Cris is at Overland Expo, in Arizona, I got to experience a slice of what life might be like were he not here a lot of the time. Weeks like this make me truly greatful to have such a solid partner in my life, but also give me a better understanding of our daughters needs, and just how HARD being a single mom is. 

Hello dark circles.

I don’t presume to know or even compare to the super moms and dad’s out there who do both, but man, a week on my own with a 10 month old, and sick one at that, was tough. I BARELY got the mothers day gifts and cooking done because now that the little ones feeling better, she wants to be up and playing, and won’t stand for mommy taking the time away from her to bake. And a clean house? Maybe in my dreams. 

I had the extreme pleasure of officiating my cousins wedding this week. Her husband is a great guy who works out of state most of the time, so she is on her own with the baby. He’s a fantastic father, who’s enduring hard circumstances to make life for his son  and wife as good as it can be, and when he’s home a couple days a week, that kid is in his arms constantly. My cousin is one of those amazing moms who do it all too. She does cross fit every day, competes, and is getting an advanced nursing degree as well. I have no idea when she sleeps. Her team mates take turns watching her son, and treating him like royalty, while she works out.

So in this post, I not only want to shout out to the amazing moms and dad’s who read this, but the helpers that we all depend on so much. My mom, step mom, and mother in law are three of the most amazing women I know, and, without their help with the baby, I’d seriously be out of a job, and probably put of my mind. 

My beautiful mother

So this mothers day, take a minute to thank your helpers too, without whom we would all be driven crazy!

My awesome mother in law
My stepmom always takes the time to send us these fantastic shots of the baby, but is rarely ever in the photos themselves. I’ll have to fix that.

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