Babywearing With Mountain Girl Handwovens

Happy National Baby Wearing Week!


Babywearing is one of those all around great ideas. It’s beneficial for bonding, great to have your hands free but still be able to carry your baby close, and saves the hassle of a stroller, when you just need to get out of the house for a bit. If your REALLY good at it, you can even breastfeed while babywearing.

I was lucky enough to spend some time with Stacy of Mountain Girl Handwovens, and a local member of the So Cal Baby Wearers last month at the American Adventurist Mountain Rendezvous, and she gave me a tutorial about how to wear Baby Wagon.

Please excuse the camp hair…

Left to right: Stacy, wearing her 8 month old, Claire, in one of her own creations called The Knight Bus. I’m on the right, wearing Baby Wagon in a wrap Stacy lent me by Tiny Tiger, American Beauty, Dyed by Crafting out Loud

Stacy is the mother of two adorable little girls, and somewhat of an expert on the subject of babywearing. In fact, it’s what she does for a living. She hand dyes and weaves the most beautiful, BCIA compliant, sturdy wraps, and walked me through the process like the pro she is.


This is called the Front Wrap Cross Carry.

First, fold the wrap in half to find the center, it’s usually marked by a tag, or a piece of embroidery.


Place the center of the wrap over your chest, pulling either side under your armpits and out behind you.


Pull the opposite ends up and over the opposite shoulder, creating an x in back with the ends coming down straight over your shoulders in front.


You now have a pocket to place the baby into.

Place her feet first, and rest her so her bum is cradled in the wrap, but make sure she’s high enough to kiss her head, this is a safety standard.


Reach between the two of you and between her legs to pull part of the wrap up to create a little seat, or hammock if you will.


It’s very important to note that her legs should create an M with her knees being higher than her bum, otherwise if she is carried for any long length of time she could develop hip problems.


Once she is in place and comfy, pull the ends of the wrap in an over under cross fashion in front of both of you, and then place them under the baby’s knees for added support.


Then simply pull behind you and tie a knot at your lower back.

Yeah, I know this is not a knot

Don’t forget to make sure baby is high enough to kiss!


If her neck is still a little wobbly, go ahead and fold the top over to create a little pillow.


Having both hands free for a little while makes a huge difference, especially when we are out hiking or camping, and can’t really use a stroller. I also love the bonding benefits, and find that I’ll often throw Baby Wagon in her sling or the wrap when I’m working around the house. As long as I’m moving, she is happy, but she tends to get a bit fussy if I am still for too long. I cant wait until shes big enough to wear facing outward, because she LOVES to be able to see everything, and being cuddled against my chest wont work in her case for too much longer. Hopefully, Stacy will give me more lessons!

In the mean time, I’m saving up, because her wraps are simply gorgeous.


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