Saving Dough for the Fun Stuff

Giving birth and raising a child is intimidating enough, WITHOUT worrying about the financial ramifications. We were concerned about money, but that’s really not any different from how we were before, and we knew that we would make it work. Our little bundle was worth every bit of the struggle. I am a die hard bargain hunter, and pretty darn good at stretching a buck, so I knew I could help save in places that Cris wasn’t familiar with, without much trouble. Besides, if we could save a little on things like toys, clothes, and diapers, we could have some extra for memory making trips.

Here are some of the ways we have come up with thus far.

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DIY Jerry Can Water Faucet

My buddy Dave from American Adventurist has had a faucet set up for his Scepter MWC can for quite a while.  After watching how well this set up works in camp I decided to put a marine galley pump on my Christmas list last year.  As life goes, things got busy and the pump was set aside until just before Overland Expo West.  Not thinking much of it, I had the Scepter can sitting on my camp table next to the truck where it made for easy access, but it also put it into view of those passing by.  To my surprise I had numerous people ask about it at the event and have had a few questions since then. There are numerous places around the internet where you can find instructions, but since there seemed to be an interest I thought I would share how I did mine.

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