DISCOVER Adventure in Santa Ana, Ca

Baby Wagon and I found ourselves with a free weekend last week, so we decided to make it a girls weekend and go in search of some hands on educational adventure that didn’t require four wheel drive to get to.

Getting ready to go inside! Can you tell she’s excited?

We ended up at the Discovery Cube in Santa Ana with my Mom.

After a messy but yummy breakfast at Polly’s Pies, located conveniently right next door, we headed for the interactive museum.

This is her restaurant buddy. He helps keep her entertained.

The exhibits at the Discovery Cube rotate out every few months, so there is always something new to learn and see. This month, the rotating exhibits were Doc Mc Stuffins; Above and Beyond, by Boeing; and The Science of Hockey. The more permanent exhibits include the Dino Quest, The Earthquake Exhibit (complete with the Shake Shack), a simulated helicopter tour, and the Market. There was also a Science of Magic Show, but BW was a bit too young to sit through that.

A Jetpack!

We made our way through the Boeing exhibit, but while the adults were fascinated, BW didn’t seem too interested, so we moved on.

I loved that this exhibit made hospitals friendly places.

Next up was the Doc McStuffins Exhibit. If you don’t know, Doc McStuffins is a Peabody Award winning TV show that is designed to teach caring and compassion, along with health and wellness, all while interacting with cute stuffed animals. It’s an adorable exhibit, complete with stuffed animals and baby dolls to clean, examine, and fix. you can even sew up a torn teddy bear! There is also a newborn section, complete with a baby washing station and cribs, that gently teaches kids, in their own language, about what happens after a baby is born in the hospital.

Examining a Piggy Bank.

While a great exhibit, and super educational, it was extremely crowded, which is to be expected for such an interactive experience, and I didn’t feel comfortable allowing the baby to wander in a crowded room just yet, so we headed outside to Dino Quest!

Excuse the sweat, it was HOT outside! We are in a Brontosaurus!

Our little one adores dinosaurs, so she was absolutely in her element, and she was able to run around a little more freely outside. We talked to a Triceratops, walked through a Brontosaurus belly, Made a friend, put together part of a Stegosaurus, and touched Dino Dung.

Putting together a stegosaurus with Gaga!

She had a fantastic time, and Dino Quest is worth the price of admission, just on its own. Even at 100 degrees outside, BW was hesitant to come back inside because she was having such a blast.

Talking to a Triceratops

There are several “Quests” kids and adults alike can try out, with magnetic wands, that when waved at the right point, reveal facts about the quests, and points to add up.

Dino dung

Once back inside, we wandered through the Earthquake exhibit, but BW wasn’t up for waiting for a ride in the Shake Shack, so we headed upstairs to The Science of Hockey and The Market.

Playing with the shake table

Being a hockey fan, I found The Science of Hockey really interesting, and completely enjoyed my time up there. We even got to touch arena ice, see how it gets layered, and test how heavy the uniforms are. There is also a game room where you can skate on Teflon in your socks and play hockey, as well as a room devoted specifically to the science of the noise in an arena.

It was a little warm upstairs, so the ice wasn’t staying frozen well.

From there we made a VERY short tour of the Market, where you can learn about healthy food and math as you scan everything on your list from the scanner connected to your shopping cart. Because there were quite a lot of people pushing shopping carts, there wasn’t much room for a stroller, so we headed back downstairs.

After grabbing a (totally reasonably priced) lemonade and an Iced Coffee from the food court, we went in search of a cool place to sit, and ended up back at the Boeing exhibit, in a small theater that was running a show about the science of flight. We were all a bit tired at this point, so we decided to call it a day.

Down for the count

Nap time had come and gone, and I knew someone would sleep very well on the drive home.

All in all a super fun, educational adventure that we didn’t have to travel far to get to! I can’t wait to come back in a few months for the next exhibits, and see what fun can be had. It will be exciting to watch BW experience these same exhibits as she gets older.

What adventures does your family have that are close to home?


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  1. Loved this kid friendly place. Even for 1 year olds it holds some exciting experiences. Especially if you are a grand parent! Kids are wonderful excuses to go and do things!

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