The 5 Best Family Tents for any Budget from $100 to $10,000 +

5 Family Tents for any budget – $100 to $10k+

We spend a lot of time in a tent, in fact, 50 nights a year is not uncommon for our family. When you use a tent that much you want something that is not only comfortable and easy to set up but they have to be durable as well. We have had quite a few tents over the years, and have at least 5 or 6 in our collection. I may have a problem with collecting tents, and camp stoves, and pretty much any kind of camping gear.

Here are the top 5 Family Tents for Any Budget that you are sure to love as much as we do.

ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 4-Person Family Tent – $100

ALPS Mountaineering Family Tent in the snow Nov 2011
Our old Alps family Tent from Nov 2011

Alps Mountaineering is one of the best “bang for your buck” options not just for Family Tents, but camping gear in general. We used the old version of this tent for many years and have had it in everything from wind, to rain and even fairly heavy snows and never had an issue. Even though we have since moved on to fancier tents, our old Alps is still in the garage as a backup. The exact tent we have has not been made in years, but the new Alps tents are still extremely well built especially for the price point. The Alps Mountaineering Taurus has 64sq ft. of living space plus another 25 sq ft. of vestibule to store your gear. Find it on Amazon!

Gazelle Pop-Up Family Tent – Under $300

The Gazelle Pop-up is quickly becoming one of the most popular family tents in the overlanding scene and they have great reviews. This Family tent will sleep 4 people in 61 sq ft. of space. The Gazelle uses a hub system similar to a hunting blind that makes it quick and simple to set up, but the packed size is a bit larger than something like the Alps tent above. Find it on Amazon!

Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow 6 Family Tent – $550

Kodiak Canvas Family Tent setup in Alabama Hills Ca
Kodiak Canvas Tent

The Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow tents are some of the best family tents on the market and if they are taken care of properly will last a lifetime. We just recently sold ours after a couple of hundred nights of use in every kind of weather you can think of. The amount of wind that they will stand through is impressive and have more than once seen multiple tents collapsed while ours was swaying in the “breeze”. They do take a little more effort to maintain, and it is absolutely vital that they are completely dry before they are put away but it is well worth it. While the tent gives you more than enough room to stand and 100 sq ft of living space with a 24sq ft awning it is still simple and fast to set up. The first time may be a bit tricky but you will get the hang of it fast. The only reason we sold it is it is not a freestanding tent and must be staked down. Find it on Amazon!

ShiftPod Family Tent- $1500

Shift Pod and AT Habitat Family Tents in the California Desert
Shift Pod and AT Habitat Family Tents

The ShiftPod 2 is our current family tent of choice that we just purchased in February. We have been looking at them for a while and were able to borrow one for our 10-day winter trip. We moved to 9 sites over that 10 days and got to use it in the rain and snow, and have now gotten to use our own in the wind and are very impressed. The ShiftPod is super fast, I am talking less than 2 minutes to set up and less than 5 minutes to pack up. It is also freestanding, so of those 10 nights, we only staked it out once at that was to use the rainfly. This tent is roomy at 113 sq ft and has built-in ports for Air Conditioning, ports for propane heaters, and a removable floor. Get them straight from ShiftPod

AT Overland Habitat – $8900 +

The AT Overland Habitat is the ultimate Family Tent, especially when paired with Goose Gear Interior. To be fair, this is as much a camper as it is a tent, but they are absolutely amazing. The tent, which is made for AT by NEMO is quick to deploy, gives you a 48×87 main bed, with optional additional sleep platforms and leaves the entire bed of your truck available for additional living space. If you are interested in a Habitat, contact the guys at Goose Gear and let them know we sent you.

Bonus – Outback Swag

We have told you all about the Outback Swag before, and it is still loved for solo trips. It is fast and easy to set up, does amazingly well in wind and after well more than 100 nights of use shows no wear.

Swag Tent
On the banks of the Missouri River in South Dakota

So, what is your favorite Family Tent? Tell us what it is and why you recommend it in the comments.

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