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Since this is a first post of the new blog, I will start with a little introduction.  I am in my mid thirties, married, and work in the entertainment industry.  I have always enjoyed being outdoors and grew up playing in the creek behind the house, but over the last 15 years or so, the love for the outdoors has really grown.  It does not matter if it is a short hike, an afternoon in the hammock, a campfire with friends, a day of offroading in the Power Wagon or a week-long overland trip that combines it all together.

But this blog isn’t entirely about that.  This is about the start of something new.  The start of a new life that we will be able to introduce to the outdoor lifestyle, and the lessons we learn along the way.

3d Ultrasound

That’s right, there is a little one on the way, and it really could be here anytime now.

Paige is due in just under a month with our first. It is going to be a big change in our lives, but we know it is going to be for the better. We have chosen not to find out the sex in advance, and I think we have narrowed down a name, though it is not final so you will have to come back to find that out later.

We have watched many of our friends from American Adventurist with kids that still get outdoors, camp and travel so we know we will learn how to as well.  In fact friends like Some Day I Learn have already shown us that a family can thrive outdoors, and that it actually helps to build the strength of the family.

So, with this new blog we hope to bring you our journeys in the outdoors and in new parenthood.

With that, I am off to install the newest mod for BlkWgn


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