Saving Dough for the Fun Stuff

Giving birth and raising a child is intimidating enough, WITHOUT worrying about the financial ramifications. We were concerned about money, but that’s really not any different from how we were before, and we knew that we would make it work. Our little bundle was worth every bit of the struggle. I am a die hard bargain hunter, and pretty darn good at stretching a buck, so I knew I could help save in places that Cris wasn’t familiar with, without much trouble. Besides, if we could save a little on things like toys, clothes, and diapers, we could have some extra for memory making trips.

Here are some of the ways we have come up with thus far.

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Pismo with the Purple Buggy

Last weekend saw us heading up to Pismo Beach, with my dad, my brother, and my dad’s newly restored jeep, dubbed the Purple Buggy. It was a very exciting day for me and my brother because we spent a LOT of time in the back seat of this jeep when we were little. I still remember how excited I would get when dad would bring us to school in this baby. There are countless camping adventure memories that come to mind.

Brand new

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