3 Weeks Out?

Paige is due on the 26th of June, and this being the 7th means we are less than 3 weeks out assuming that the little one can use a calendar.  We still don’t know the sex which is surprising to me.  I really thought there would be a mistake and an ultrasound tech would accidentally let it slip.  The name that we kind of agreed on still seems to be “the one”.  Of course, that does not mean that there will not be a last-minute changing of the mind.

The babies room is coming together.
The babies room is coming together.

I keep having this recurring thought that I should be scared, or nervous but at this point it all seems pretty calm.  Sure, there are some nervous moments, or worries about the normal things like money, and are the natural parenting skills going to kick in, but for the most part all is calm.  In fact, the calm might be the most nerve racking part of this, since I feel like I should be more concerned than I am.

I am not sure what to be concerned with though, just about everyone thinks they can’t afford a child, and we “can’t”,  but everyone makes it work just like we will.  You adjust your spending a little and it all comes together.  As for Parenting skills, it is not exactly something new, people have been having children since the beginning of time and despite what you might see at Walmart, I think most people figure it out.  That’s a joke by the way.

. . . . well, mostly a joke.

Everyone tells me that we will never be ready,  but I think this as as  ready as we will ever be. We have the important things, there is somewhere safe for the baby to sleep.  The changing  table / dresser is built, the glider chair is assembled.  We have a small mountain of clothes that Paige has sorted by size into the dresser and a large mountain of diapers (that I am sure will shrink quickly) that has taken over a closet.  The “Go Bags” are packed, the camera batteries are charged.  Paige even has a bag of change for the vending machines. This does not mean that everything is perfect though.

The crib is not assembled yet, but there is time.  And the house is not spotless, but that is not realistic.  Oh, and I have not yet won the lottery, or even started buying the tickets but none of that is important.

The important thing is that at some point in the near future we will have a new adventurer


May 31 2016


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