American Adventurist – Our extended FAMILY

I don’t think there are a lot of people in the world that can say they went to a remote part of the desert, with random people from the internet, and came home with a new family.  Well, that is exactly what we did.

We spent a lot of time camping and exploring the local mountains in our stock 2004 2 wheel drive Dodge Ram 2500.  We pushed the truck harder than it was built for, and got it to a lot of areas that it probably should not have been to.  Other than the occasional trip with friends, most of the trips were traveling solo.  I had followed a few internet forums and had seen trip reports from some amazing areas but not having a rig that was even 4wd I felt out of place even commenting on the posts, let alone asking to go along on a trip.

From the First Trip to Anza Borrego

So when we got BlkWgn we decided we wanted to tackle one of the epic trips I had read so much about.  We picked a 3 day weekend and I jumped on the forum for advice and invite others for a trip down the Mojave Road.  I was getting some good advice, but it seemed that nobody was available that weekend.  Just when we decided to go ahead and tackle it solo I got a message from some guy saying there was a small group going out to a place called Fish Creek in Anza Borrego.  While this was not the famed Mojave Road, a quick google search showed to to be an awesome area, and it was somewhere that we had never been.  I asked Paige if she wanted to go spend the weekend in an area we did not know, with strangers from the internet.  I mean, what could go wrong with strangers in the desert right?  To my surprise, she said sure so we packed up the truck and headed out.

We met Dwight and Maile, and Steve and Shellie at the Fish Creek campground at the entrance to Split Mountain and it was an incredible weekend.  Four wheeling through the canyon, geologic wonders, fossils from when this barren desert was the ocean floor and most importantly, good people around the campfire.  Paige and I quickly realized there was a lot more to this than just putting the tires in the dirt.  This was a way of life.

A small portion of the American Adventurist Family
Fish Creek Campground

After this trip, I quickly got back online looking for the next trip and learned about the Rendezvous Conspiracy.  This group was run by Dave (TacoDoc) and they were talking about a large gathering, the Mountain Rendezvous.  This event was bringing like minded Overlanders from all over the south west together for a weekend of trail runs, potlucks, and raffles.

This group of conspirators is what turned into American Adventurist.

Now in 2016, we are looking forward to our 5th Mountain Rendezvous and , 2017 will be our 6 Desert Rendezvous.  Last year we have even made it to the east coast for the Appalachian Rendezvous.  Not to mention the countless weekends around the campfire and week long or longer trips throughout the years.  This community has really turned into an extended family.  If you are interested in anything outdoors, I highly recommend you check out the forum and join us around a campfire sometime.

2016 Rendezvous
2016 American Adventurist Rendezvous Events