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Our little one is two and a half now, and so smart that it scares us. There are constant surprises from her, making our lives VERY interesting at the moment. Case in point, her response to me telling her no last week was “What the heck man?” She also recently informed me that if she ate the arms off her chicken star, it would be a pentagon, then proceded to turn it into one.

Learning how to do a maze from Education.com - FamilyOffTheMap
Learning how to do a maze from Education.com

One week there are mumbles and we have no idea what she’s trying to say, the next week those mumbles have turned into new words and sentences. Even with her progress, I find myself stressing that she won’t be ready for school when the time comes. Nap time is slowly phasing out and quiet time so I can work is becoming very hard to find making structured education time more important every day.

We found a unique website, Education.com which was created in a collaboration between award-winning teachers and parents. It is a massive resource of amazing educational worksheets and lesson plans, many with seasonal themes.

Education.com Logo
Education.com Logo

Education.com offers literally thousands of free educational worksheets and printables for preschool through fifth grade.

We have used several of their math and lettering sheets over that last year or so. They are fun for H and ensure that all the boxes are checked and she has a strong foundation when she starts kindergarten while letting her get used to structured play. She also enjoys the mazes, doing Mazes can help toddlers learn to problem solve and use hand-eye coordination. They also help with attention span and concentration, so they are the perfect educational activity to give mom a bit of quiet time.

We like to print out the worksheets and have found these awesome dry erase pockets that wipe clean to help save on printer ink. Right now, when H is still more scribble than color (as she should be!) they let her get her practice in and makes the worksheets reusable. They come with dry erase markers but we also got these Crayola washable crayons because wax is much easier to clean than ink…


Education.com sent over this Ah-Mazing maze to share with everyone, so Prepare to fill your learning basket with this cute Easter Maze! Be sure to hop over to Education.com for more resources and download your Easter Maze below

Leave us a note in the comments and let us know which of their worksheets you are most excited to try out.

Learning how to do a maze from Education.com - Familyoffthemap
Dry erase pockets with the maze and a name worksheet – Education.com

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