9 Dog Camping Gear Essentials we Love and 1 Waste of Money

9 Dog Camping Gear Essentials We Love – 1 Waste of Money

Paige recently told you about how we adopted Angus from Helping Herders Rescue in Southern California. Naturally, the new member of the family was going to come on our adventures, so he was going to need some puppy camping gear. Luckily dogs don’t need much in the way of camping accessories to be comfortable and safe in the outdoors. Remember, they are the descendants of wolves after all.

With Summer camping season just around the corner, Here are our 9 Dog Camping Gear Essentials We Love and 1 Waste of Money

Hilike Pet Travel Bag

This is a bit of a combo item here as it comes with a few items. It comes with 2 small square bags that hold 15 cups of dog food each for a total of 30 cups. Angus gets 1.5 cups twice a day so this sets him up for 10days worth of food. It also comes with 2 collapsible silicone bowls, 1 for food and 1 for water. The main bag has plenty of room for the food bags, a few tennis balls and toys leash, treats and more. There are also mesh pockets on each side perfect for a water bottle and a fold-down placemat to catch any spills. It also meets most carry on requirements for air travel.

One Rewards Freeze Dried Dog Treats

Hunter and Angus in Alabama Hills - Dog Camping Gear
Hunter and Angus in Alabama Hills – Dog Camping Gear

Before Angus, I would not have considered Dog Treats a piece of gear, but he is pretty picky so having something he likes is important. The fact that they are dehydrated makes them perfect for camping as they are easy to store and don’t spoil.

Nite IZE SpotLit Clip-On LED Light

9 Dog Camping Gear Essentials we Love and 1 Waste of Money
Angus wearing his Light – Dog Camping Gear

When the sun sets it can be near impossible to spot Angus even when he is only a few feet away. He seems to disappear into the shadows. This little LED clips onto his collar and makes it easy to keep track of him. The 3v lithium battery lasts for up to 25 hours meaning 1 battery is good for most trips. It also has 2 modes, solid and flashing
Bonus Tip: These also work on kids or just about anything you want to find after dark

EzyDog Double Up Collar

This collar is a daily item for Angus but it has a couple of features that make it great in camp as well as at home. First, it has 2 D rings instead of the standard single. You use both rings which removes all the pressure from the clasp, so does not it come loose, or worse yet break. Second, it is available in bright colors with reflective stitching.

Primal Pet Gear Dog Leash

Primal Pets - Dog Camping Gear
Primal Pets Leash on a hike through the Chino Wetlands – Dog Camping Gear

Another everyday item, but we got it in “find it in camp” orange so I am going to say it counts. It has 2 neoprene padded handles giving you the option to keep it short or give him a bit more room. It also has all metal hardware and reflective stitching.

Burt’s Bees Dog – Paw and Nose Lotion

We love Burt’s Bees products for ourselves so it was only natural to look at their products for dogs. This creamy lotion is pH balanced for a dogs skin. It is great for keeping the nose and paws from drying out and cracking.

Wahl Natural Pet No-Rinse Shampoo

After a few days of playing in camp, Angus definitely needs a bath but that is not always possible on a long trip. This waterless option from Wahl is simple to use, just rub the foam onto his coat and give him a quick brush. It really is that easy.

Chuckit! Travel Dog Bed

Hanging out at the Reward Mine - Dog Camping Gear
Hanging out at the Reward Mine – Dog Camping Gear

A simple dog bed goes a long way for comfort, and not just the physical kind. Let your pet get used to the bed at home and when you are in camp they have a bit of security and familiarity with them. This bed is soft, packs small, and dries fast if it gets wet in camp. It is also machine washable when you get back home. It also comes with a stuff sack.

RUFFWEAR – Highlands Sleeping Bag for Dogs

This one we don’t have yet but will certainly have before next winter. Some good friends of ours got this for their pup and used it over our 10-day winter trip. Bella loves it so much she now sleeps in it nightly. A good fit for most dogs at 35 x 26 in with 1 in of loft. Packed in its included stuff sack, it measures 12 x 4 in. and only weighs 12.7 oz. It is also water resistant and quick drying.

Any guesses what the piece of dog camping gear is our pick for 1 waste of money?

It is one thing missing from this list, that you will find on most camp with your dog gear lists, and that is a first aid kit. You should already be carrying a comprehensive first aid kit for your family. That kit is perfect for your dog. My recommendation is to use the money you would have spent on your dog’s first aid kit and instead improve the kit you already have.

Dog Camping Gear - Crossing Sheeps Bridge on the Verde River
Crossing Sheep’s Bridge on the Verde River – Dog Camping Gear

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