Rescue Puppy Bonding

Watching Love Grow, Bonding With Our Rescue Puppy

As always, when you add a new family member, even a furry one, there will be some hitches along the way. Since we have been wanting a cattle dog for several years and done a lot of research, we had an idea of what we were getting into, but Since Angus is a high energy herder, his tendency is to try to herd anything and everything. H is no exception. Being a rescue puppy, he also has a LOAD of anxiety issues, and trust with men, and a few women. But boy does he love H. That feeling is pretty mutual.

H with Angus the Rescue Puppy
Is it a bird? A plane? No! it’s a girl and her dog!

Training is important for a Rescue Puppy

The first order of business after Angus came home (and got used to his new family) was training. The trainer we chose was Tina, at the Silver Rose Ranch in Chino Hills, Ca. She’s a highly recommended 40+ year horse trainer who moved over to dogs about 10 years ago. She’s all about training the human first, and then the dog. Because of his stress issues, Angus had some trouble learning, though he is incredibly smart. Among the basic training commands (sit, stay, lie down, leave it, come) she peppered her classes with amazing tidbits of how to spot stress in dogs, behavioral tips and great advice on how to train your kiddo to get along with and respect your dogs. Upon graduation at 6 weeks, he was a much better-behaved rescue puppy, but we are still working on it, and will probably enroll him in another class with them soon.

Family walk - Rescue Puppy
Leash training in action at the Chino Wetlands

She bonded with her rescue puppy from day one

Angus and Hunter took to each other immediately and Angus adopted her as his girl right away. He is fiercely protective, sometimes even at the detriment of Cris and the grandparents! (An issue that we are working on) He does like to try and herd her but is beginning to understand that she is not another puppy and a bit more fragile than he is. It’s so interesting to watch the relationship unfold, and at this point, I feel like its more brother and sister than girl and pup.

Camping with a Rescue Puppy
Digging together in Camp at Anza Borrego

This rescue puppy loves the outdoors

Angus is a fantastic camp dog and goes on most, if not all, of our trips with us. He is off leash if we are dispersed camping, and if not, I wear a belt with his leash attached so I can be hands free with H. He’s amazing at staying close by, and watches H like a hawk. If he stays in camp with me, and Cris takes H for a walk, he is anxious until she returns. The first trip we actually brought his crate so he knew he had a safe place, but we quickly downgraded to just his dog bed because he does so well in the tent.

Bonding with her rescue puppy
Warm pup in the Kodiak Canvas tent

Watching their relationship develop has been a real treat, and we can tell, it’s going to be a lifelong friendship. It’s a constant learning curve, but one we are ready and willing to make for our pup.

Reading together is the best part of their day

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