Flexibility is Key

Well, 6 months of babyhood have come and gone, and I find myself already reminiscing about the tiny, sleepy, cuddly newborn I held for what felt like a matter of weeks, versus the curious infant who will very soon be a toddler on the move.

I’m 6 months!

As BW flies through all of her 6-month milestones (and then some), Cris and I, like every parent, wonder where the time has gone.

She really likes animals, but dogs are her favorite so far

We have managed to take several camping trips, and she is getting used to being away from home for several days at a time. We have even mastered the art of changing a diaper in the stroller, car seat, booth, or wherever we happen to be when the occasion strikes. We have had our share of blowouts, always vying with each other as to whose turn it is to clean her up (although, Mommy gets to give her baths and do the other hygiene things). There was a first Disney trip in there somewhere, as well as innumerable other Holiday firsts.

I’m so proud of how that stocking came out! She loved it as well!

What have we learned? Among so many other things, we have learned to be more flexible. We usually have a basic plan, but understand now more than ever the need to be flexible with it if issues arise.

Watching hockey with Daddy

Being on time, for example, sometimes just doesn’t happen, no matter how early you start out. And packing for a growing baby is hard. On a recent trip, I didn’t pack a ton of toys, and we both felt bad when we got home that she only had two or three things to keep her busy on the road for 6 days. I know the challenges will change as she grows, and I can’t wait to see what’s next, but it is hard watching her grow so fast.

She definitely manages our mischief!

Here’s to the next 6 months Baby Girl!

(And Here’s to not having a hard and fast plan for them…)


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