Hard to Leave

As you may have noticed, there have not been many updates since Hunter was born.  As I am sure you all know, things have been a bit hectic.  There just does not seem to be enough time in the day.  I have had several posts ready to go in my head and just no time to actually type them out. I will try to touch briefly on some those posts here, but as I type this now I am sitting at John Wayne International Airport waiting for my flight to New Jersey.

One of the first posts I wanted to do was to talk about the staff at the Pomona Valley Hospital where Hunter was born. The staff was incredible all the way around. Everyone went out of their way to make sure everyone was comfortable and safe, but there was one person who really stood out above all the others. Michelle covered the night shift. They started the induction around 10am on Sunday morning and throughout the day there was pretty much nothing happening. The Dr came by in the early afternoon and said that she was guessing late in the day Monday or even Tuesday before we saw any action. The later in the day it got the more we started to accept the fact that we would have to wait another day. Then in walks Machelle. She jokingly told us that her nickname was “The Deliverer”. (This instantly made me think of a supervillain) She then proceeded to walk over to the dry erase board and write “Happy Birthday” and tell us that “She would make this happen”. I am not sure if she worked some super power or if the medications just finally built up in Paige‘s system, but there was no sleep for me that night. Obviously my job was to keep Paige calm and focused, so I knew I had to keep my nerves in check. Luckily Michelle made that a non issue. Her professionalism and confidence took away any concerns or fears I had. She worked through her breaks, and skipped her lunch to make sure we had everything we needed. She even stayed an hour after her shift was over because Paige was close and she wanted to make sure everything went well. You could see it was more than just her job, she truly cared about her patients. She really made a world of difference and got us through a rough night smoothly.

Hunter with Machelle (1 of 1)
Michelle came to visit in recovery

I was going to do a first week home post, but I can sum that up pretty quick.

Eat, squirm, poop, sleep, eat, squirm, poop, sleep, hiccups.

In all seriousness, I understand why everyone says if they are sleeping you should be sleeping, but in reality that does not really work. By the time you prep the food, feed, burp, change a diaper or two, and get her laid down for sleep you have burned through an hour or more. Now make a sandwich, get something to drink, or the greatest thing sneak away for a shower and by the time your head hits the pillow she is ready to feed again. I spent two weeks at home and accomplished nothing away from helping with Hunter. Even now I am not really sure where that time went.

Not a fan of the Hiccups

Another post I have is some photos. You may have seen a couple of them on our Instagram feed, but they deserve to have more than what can be offered there. Cifaldi Photography took both Paige’s pregnancy photos and Hunters newborn photos. They are simply amazing, so keep an eye out for that post in about a week when I return home.

Photo by Cifaldi Photography

So, I guess that brings us up to why I am in the airport. Well, I am flying to New Jersey to pick up a Subaru Outback and a small Uhaul trailer. After meeting a friend for a night in Pennsylvania, I will be making my way back across the country and dropping the trailer off in Las Vegas before heading home. I will be testing out some new gear along the way, namely the Outback Swags and Voila Coffee. Looking forward to both, and you can expect reviews here after I return. Right now the plan is pretty loose. Leave PA and make my way far enough west to turn North and Pickup route 90. Run that through to Custer State Park, then turn south through Colorado and Utah. Where I stop and what I see along the way is still completely up in the air. The only main goal is to find free places to camp along the way, and hopefully far from  generators and motorhomes.


Just as a side note, this post did not get finished until after the road trip as I realized I had no photos on the tablet.

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