Is it that time…. ALREADY??!!

Wait, what?


You… you mean I’m back to work in TWO DAYS?


Yep, mama heads back to the office this coming Monday.

WOW am I ever NOT READY…

As I reflect on returning to work I’m both excited and dreading it. I love my job and I love the people that I work with.


On the other side of that, I feel like this vital stage is coming to an end, far too soon. Our private days together are racing by, and that makes my heart hurt.

Thank goodness for amazing grandparents.

And camera capable phones… (We FINALLY convinced my mom to get a smartphone. How? Have a baby and send pictures that she can’t open with her dinosaur of a flip phone)


Since we are not quite ready to hand Baby Wagon over to a childcare facility yet, we are incredibly grateful for our parents, who have generously cleared their schedules for the foreseeable future, so that I can go back to work relatively worry free.   Although, as I am constantly reminded, I will probably worry about her for the rest of my life.


Every second of worry and paranoia is worth it.

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