Is Organic REALLY Better?

I like the idea of using organic products on Baby Wagon.


Unfortunately, I am also a total skeptic, and one of those people who think chemicals work better most of the time.  Deet is a staple in our house because my husband and I generally get eaten alive during the summer months when we are constantly outside.

So when American Adventurist Mountain Rendezvous, a three-day camping and over landing event in the San Bernardino mountains, rolled around this year, I was really worried about how I would protect my two-month-old from the same problem that befall Cris and I every year. Knowing that a strong chemical like deet would not be an option, I set about to find a baby-safe product.

Enter Fit Organic.



I have to admit, the skeptic in me was not so sure that a product that is only 10% lemongrass oil would work.

The first night, I put a little in my hand and put it on the BW’s head, and upper arms, anywhere that she could not get into her mouth, but I completely forgot to spray myself. Luckily I carried her around all night, and was, for the most part, left alone, save maybe two bites that most likely happened while she was out of my arms.


The second day, with a bit more faith, I sprayed myself and BW down in the late morning and added a bug bracelet to baby’s ankle before leaving on a trail run for the day. The wasps had come out looking for moisture, and I wasn’t about to take a chance on her being stung.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that it did not feel sticky or greasy, or even over drying as some of the chemical sprays do. It goes on very light and sinks in quickly. As it turns out, It was the only application I needed ALL DAY. That’s right, no bites, even into the buggy evening hours sitting around the campfire. It DOES remind you to reapply every three hours on the bottle, but we were so busy, I completely forgot about it, which is probably a big factor in getting so many bites on other trips.


On the third day, I decided to forgo the bug bracelet completely, since BW kept slipping it off her ankle anyways.  I was constantly picking it up around camp. I put my trust in FIT to keep us safe from stings and bites.

It was a good choice.


From what I could see, and I examined her VERY closely, my little one had no bites! Score one for organic products!

I was very impressed with the amount of product in the bottle. A little goes a long way, and I didn’t need to douse myself in it to make it effective. A few sprays on exposed skin and I was set.  In addition, the smell was so much more pleasant than the chemical laden products I’ve used in the past, and it felt light and airy going on.


We will be using Fit Organic Mosquito Repellant, and I might even venture on to try their other products as well. I feel it’s safe enough for Baby Wagon, as long as it’s in areas she can’t reach yet. By spraying a little in my hand, and patting  it on her head and back, it worked like a charm! It even kept the wasps at bay, though it is not meant to, and I felt safe cleaning our outdoor kitchen area while they were buzzing around my exposed arms.

I’m glad I stepped out of my chemical-laden comfort zone to try something different.  Fit Organic helped to make Baby Wagon’s first big trip a roaring success!

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