Mommy’s First Weekend Away

I knew it was coming, in fact, I was the one that suggested it, even as my closest friend asked if I was sure I wanted to do this.

My mom said it was necessary for my sanity.

My first few days away from Baby W.

How do I say goodbye to this face?

We were meeting in San Francisco on Friday evening and staying the weekend for a beauty convention and some sight seeing. Despite being stoked to have a full couple days with Megan, and come home with a ton of beauty loot, I was also terrified.

Don’t get me wrong, I knew Cris would take great care of the baby. They were going on a camping trip, and he would make sure she was warm and clean and happy all weekend. I knew he would, and I was still nervous.

Comfy boots- Because I’m ALWAYS Cold

They dropped me off at the airport on Friday evening and I said a very hesitant goodbye to my sleeping little one. I think it might have been a little easier because she was asleep, but then of course I felt guilty because she was going to wake up and I wasn’t going to be there.

The next hurdle was getting the pump through security. It was, however,  surprisingly simple! They only asked that I take the pump out of my bag and put it through the machine separately. I was grateful for the ease of it since I was sure that it would be a completely different story in a couple days, coming home with several bags of expressed milk. Then I pumped for the first time in a public bathroom while I waited for my flight. I got some weird looks but was surprised by several nods of support from the moms traveling with their little’s.


Megan and I met up in the International Terminal and headed into the city. Upon seeing her, I was excited all over again, and the guilty thoughts I was suffering from made their way to the back room of my brain.

The weekend was fantastic! Full of double decker tour buses, sightseeing, shopping, massages, and awesome Chinese food. Most of the time was spent saying, “we need to come back here!”

Since it was Megan’s first tourist trip out there, and my first trip on my own, we decided to take a bunch of City Sightseeing Official Hop On-Hop Off Tours (An awesome company with excellent tour guides, and very reasonably priced!), then next time we figured we would explore more closely.

We were also able to spend some quality time at Fisherman’s Warf where Megan got her much-needed calamari fix.  We also spent some time at Pier 39, people watching and window shopping.


Those steps behind us played like a piano when you walked up and down them

I even got TWO FULL NIGHTS of sleep! (Baby W is a great sleeper, but I wake up several times a night to check on her) Despite having to pump in public and missing my little one something fierce, I had an amazing time, and can’t wait to take another girls trip.

On Sunday, I ended up back at the airport with plenty of time to fight for my right to bring my expressed milk home, but as it turned out, there was no need. I told all the TSA officers that I encountered during the check-in that I was carrying about 40oz of Milk. They simply had me remove it from my carry-on, and send it through separately, I didn’t even have to remove it from the portable cooler I had brought. The whole process was a huge relief.

I also made a very happy discovery while walking through the airport on the way to my gate. I wasn’t exactly dreading pumping in a public bathroom again, but I wasn’t exactly looking forward to it either. However, as I was scoping out discrete locations, I came across this:


A nursery! There was one near almost every bathroom that I walked past. A locked little tiny room, about the size of a handicapped bathroom, with a chair, a changing table, a sink, and even a tiny play area tucked under the changing area. All I had to do was grab the local courtesy phone and let them know I wanted in to pump, and they unlocked the door remotely and re-locked it after I went in. It took about 15 seconds to get in, and I was able to plug in and pump with no interruptions, making it to my gate with plenty of time to spare.

I relished the last few minutes of me time on the short flight home, I hadn’t realized how much I’d needed to get away. While I missed my little family like crazy, I know now that it’s important to take time for yourself, and not spend the whole time feeling guilty.

And I can’t wait till I can take my little one with me to see it all for the first time.



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