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Jord Delmar Wood Watch- Topaz Face

As a new mom, I am constantly worried about being late.

Late to everything… all the time.


In order to be on time to, well, anything, I need to allow several hours to get myself and the baby ready. There’s pumping, feeding,  new diapers, clean clothes, and then, most likely feeding and diapers again. If there’s a bit of time left after that, I will take little to make myself presentable.


We have found that tag-teaming works best for us, since Cris gets ready much faster than I do, we will split the responsibilities of feeding and clothing Baby W. If Cris is not home, I have to allow my self a couple hours, and I have to organize myself the evening before. If we are going on a trip and will be away for more than a few hours, I also need to get the pump bag packed.

As the product of a cell phone generation I tend to use my phone to keep track, but I’m finding that this is not always the best course of action. With my new mommy brain I  am constantly misplacing things, phone, keys, glasses…and any number of other necessary items. I didn’t use to wear a watch, other than to work, but in recent months, I have learned that when you have a pretty piece of art on your arm, it’s hard to misplace.


My current time piece of choice is my Wood Watch in the Delmar style, sent over by our partners at Jord, with the topaz face, made of dark sandalwood. This unique watch is artsy enough to cater to my creative side and practical enough to look nice with most outfits. It’s also durable enough to wear on my weekend camping trips.

This is one of my favorite color combinations

This model is a men’s watch, but I like the size and weight of it. Initially I was a tad worried about wearing a wood watch. But I was so happy that we gave it a try, because it is really a gorgeous, and durable piece, and as a new mom, I am all about the duality of something as simple as a watch.


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