Plantains and Sausage

After a long day on the trail during a recent trip with the American Adventurist group, I was off setting up my Outback Swag when the smells of something sweet started to drift through camp.  It was not a familiar scent for me, but it sure smelled great.  My nose ended up leading me to Humberto’s skottle, where he was frying up some Plantains.


Camp in Cougar Buttes

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Save money with an Andis haircut at home.

I am sure it is no surprise to anyone reading this to hear that having a new little one at home has brought some extra expenses into our household.  We were lucky and received a lot of necessities like diapers at the baby shower, but there are still a lot of things that start to add up.  I have taken to the internet to do some reading and look for ideas to save a bit of money.  There is one that stands out to me that I have not really seen mentioned many places and that is . . . .

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