The first few days with Baby Hunter

Wow, it’s been a while, but please excuse us, we’ve been a little busy…


Welcome to the world Hunter Ellen!

She was born on June 27th, one day after her original due date, at 8:41 am.

We had an unbelievable team of nurses and doctors, and could not have asked for a better birth experience. Even during a scary unknown, Cris was an amazing coach, and got me to breathe and relax as much as possible. He didn’t even flinch when I started singing to help with the pain and breathing. The nurses were so amazing that he never felt overwhelmed, and were always available to answer any questions. Our over night nurse was named Michelle, also known as “The Deliverer”.  And deliver she did, staying on an hour past her leave time and skipping her breaks and lunch so she could walk Cris and I gently through the worst of it. She even came to visit us in postpartum!

Michelle’s addition to our board

Hunter came into the world, was placed on my chest, and promptly  pooped on my stomach. Not that I could feel much from my armpits down at that point. I opted for an epidural, and I will never regret that. From what my Dr. told me, when you get induced, the medication makes the contractions MUCH more intense, and I am very glad that they were ready for me as soon as I hit 4 cm. I am a wimp when it comes to any sort of pain, so it was an easy decision.  Not only that, but since my Dr. had me staying in bed through the first part of my labor, any help with the pain was a welcome relief. Once it started to get really bad,  the nurse found a different monitor and threw the doctors orders out the window, and allowed me to get on my birthing ball, and have Cris massage my back a bit, every little thing helped.

Ice chips? Psh, I got popsicles!
Baby Feets

Cris was supposed to tell me the sex of the baby when she was placed on my chest, but he was so excited that he forgot! I spent the first few minutes admiring her without knowing what she was. The Dr. had to remind him, and with a massive grin, he told me she was a girl. We went through the skin to skin and cleanup routine, then he eagerly went out to tell the sleepy family the good news. We had sent them home late the night before, only to call them back a few hours later when things started moving really fast.  (The nurse actually had to slow it down a couple times because Hunters little heart rate was spiking) Everyone was so convinced we would have a boy that they thought he was joking at first!

Please excuse the post labor hair…

After almost 4 days in the hospital, we were released out into the world with our beautiful little bundle… And promptly had to call the nurse back to make sure we put her in the car seat correctly. Putting a doll in the seat is totally different from a squirmy baby, who is absolutely  NOT interested in being still.


Typically for new parents, we drove slowly home, with me in the back seat with Hunter, and worrying the whole way. Cris is much more level headed than I am, and therefore is very calm about every thing that happens, where as I jump at every noise.

It’s so worth it though

Surprisingly, we are getting some sleep, and because she cluster feeds, there are longer periods of time where we can nap and get other things done. She’s a love, and really likes to snuggle with her smitten daddy and mommy.

Hunter hugs are the BEST


We are also thoroughly enjoying the poop faces.


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