Review – Slumberjack Arctic Cloak

I am ALWAYS cold…

All the time.

Cris swears it’s an iron deficiency or something.

So I was absolutely stoked when we were handed a Slumberjack Arctic Cloak to review on a recent trip to Death Valley, where we were prepping for temps in the low teens overnight.

Arctic Cloak - SlumberJack

This awesome wearable sleeping bag is water resistant, windproof and unbelievably warm, making the evenings spent around the campfire in the super chilly temperatures a breeze for someone like me, who hates the cold. On this recent trip, we had an evening where we got a bit of rain, and snow and wind, and I didn’t have to retreat to the trailer because I was so comfortable and warm. Score.

I am truly a beach bum at heart…

With the Arctic cloak, I was able to comfortably sit with the rest of the group around the campfire, without freezing!

Campfire - Arctic Cloak
This is under 20 degrees with the sun still kind of out. Winter in Death Valley is frightfully cold in the evenings.

It is a calf length (on me), hooded closed cloak, for lack of a better word. The length is perfect because so often we don’t layer properly on our bottom halves. Created for hunters, there are arm holes with magnets to keep them closed, and to muffle any sound a zipper might make. The shoulders also offer a lot of room for silent ease of movement while hunting.  I appreciated them because the extra room makes them easy to adjust and get closed. There is also a zipper closure from the waist up in the front that you have to zip up from the outside.

My favorite way to wear the Slumberjack was all snuggled up inside the bag, with the armholes closed and the hood up, but I really appreciate the option of putting the hood down and allowing for the movement of my arms. You slip it on over your head or step into it, which is only slightly inconvenient when it’s wet out, but after I did it a few times, it became easier, although, it did require full removal when I had to relieve my self. I’m sure with some practice, I could do it without full removal, but it felt safer to do it that way the first few times.

2015-12-30 09.36.54.jpg

 It comes with a heavy duty stuff sack that I was not afraid of tearing when I stuffed it back in to save space for the early morning drive, and packs in surprisingly easily.

We really wondered about the pattern. Not being a hunter myself, I don’t pay too much attention to the camo patterns, but we actually decided to test them out for a bit of fun, and because it’s a desert camo pattern (kryptek highlander), it actually did very well!

2015-12-29 16.48.10.jpg
Probably would have worked better had I actually pulled in my arms, and removed my hat, but this ain’t bad!

All in all, with a few adjustments, like an internal lined kangaroo pocket, instead of external, or the zipper pull in the front being able to reverse to the inside, I was VERY impressed with the Slumberjack Arctic Cloak. In temperatures like those we were in, I almost never feel warm enough, but with the cloak, I even needed to de-layer once!

I will definitely recommend this over the other similar items out there. The price point might be a touch higher than an item like the Poler Napsac, but I guarantee, with the wind and moisture protection, the Slumberjack Arctic Cloak is a much better choice.

*This was supplied to us at no charge in exchange for an unbiased review

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