Mommy’s First Weekend Away

I knew it was coming, in fact, I was the one that suggested it, even as my closest friend asked if I was sure I wanted to do this.

My mom said it was necessary for my sanity.

My first few days away from Baby W.

How do I say goodbye to this face?

We were meeting in San Francisco on Friday evening and staying the weekend for a beauty convention and some sight seeing. Despite being stoked to have a full couple days with Megan, and come home with a ton of beauty loot, I was also terrified.

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First Daddy Daughter camping trip

Paige was out of town for a girls weekend and I did not want to sit at home all weekend so we ventured out for our first Daddy Daughter camping trip.

My packing skills are on point

We headed out Friday night after dropping Paige at the airport and made our way to Holcomb Valley just north of Big Bear CA.  We did not have much of a plan for the weekend, just enjoy the outdoors.

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