A rambling update

Not really sure what to say today.  There is a ton of stuff going on, but at the same time, there is absolutely nothing happening.  We are currently in our room at the hospital, the first round of medications for the induction have been administered and now we are back to waiting.  Which as far as I am concerned the waiting has been the hardest part of the entire process so far.

We may have pushed today’s goals a bit high (see what I did there)

We were at the stage of “We have a ton of time left” for what seemed like most of the pregnancy.  Then there was the appointment where they told us that we probably only had a week to go, which triggered an immediate transition to “Holy C**p, there is no time left”.  That’s when the anxiety started to set in.  Each day it got stronger and stronger, and by the time we passed the one week mark it was hard to focus on anything. That is when we were told one more week and they will induce.  What was not said, and of course we forgot to ask was when the induction would actually take place.  We did not know if we would go in for the Wednesday appointment and they would send us to the hospital that night, or schedule something for Thursday or maybe Friday.

Well, turns out that the Doctor wanted to schedule it for Sunday Morning. We arrived around 7:30 for our 8am appointment.  Paige was taken in for the IV and I hung out with my cup of Starbucks from down the street.  Once we moved into the room, which is actually pretty nice.  I is about the size of your average hotel room with a large couch / bed combo, large rocking chair (where I have set up base camp) and a second chair that makes a pretty good foot rest.  There is also a hospital bed, a baby bed with fast food style heat lamps and various electronics and random noise makers.  We even have a large window, not that Paige can see out of it, but it is a nice window.

Our suite

So now it is midday on Sunday, and the second round of medication has been administered and that Doctor has told us that she does not expect the baby today, and maybe not even tomorrow.  So now that puts us at possibly Tuesday and almost a full 3 weeks from the when we were told 1 week.  This last couple weeks has been long and the idea of a few more days is not what we wanted to hear, but we know that good things come to those who wait.

Today’s goal may have been a bit too optimistic, but the good thing is that we have Danny Glover here to keep us company.

Danny Glover



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