Baby Wait – an Update

I am currently sitting on the back patio of the hospital cafeteria with a cup of coffee waiting for Paige to finish up . . . .

Tablet and hospital coffee

With the NST (Non Stress Test).  So far there are no real signs that this baby has any plans of making an entrance so the Doctors have decided that the safest route would be to induce on Sunday morning.  Even with labor being induced we are being told that since it is the first baby it could still take a while and that there is a very real possibility that the actual delivery will not take place until Monday.

I guess that is about everything for now, just more of the waiting game.

Flowers at the hospital cafeteria

On a side note, the patio area at the hospital is surprisingly nice.  Lots of plants and trees for shade.  Umbrellas fill in where the trees don’t cover and even though it is right up by the main driveway, it is fairly quiet.  The coffee on the other hand, well it is better than the stage hand brew at work, but not by much.

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