Aaaaaand Still No Baby

So, I understand that pregnancy is not an EXACT science.


But man, I was HOPING it would be this last week. Especially since the Dr. told me it would be within a week. The consensus now is that they might induce at some point soon because the Dr. doesn’t want baby to get to much bigger. At this point, I’m at JUST under 39 weeks, and technically over full term. The idea of being induced scares me a little bit, but I was able to talk to some friends who have gone through it, and that settled my fears a bit.

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Anxiously Waiting on Our Little Adventurer

I suppose that since I’ll be making entries into this blog, that I should introduce my self as well! My name is Paige, and I’m just over 36 weeks pregnant with our first child. We are anxiously awaiting our newest little adventurer and can’t wait to show him or her a life outdoors. As Cris mentioned, we have opted out of finding what sex he or she will be, and are simply hoping for a happy, healthy baby.

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