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My stove and I  are not friends, but EveryPlate is changing that.


I don’t cook, I burn. From toast to chicken, you name it, I burn it
I’ve never really enjoyed cooking unless it’s in a crockpot or a fast food bag. Baking, I can do, but cooking is something that’s always been just a necessity and something to be done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Meals were not creative and often saved until the last second because they were not enjoyable. It doesn’t help that my kitchen is a somewhat lonely place. Since our home doesn’t have an open floor plan, it seems very removed from the family, when they are in the family room and I’m two rooms away… cooking.
I was VERY impressed with the first delivery from EveryPlate, especially the MASSIVE garlic cloves
We recently started an experiment inspired by our friends Allison and Richard, who were also experimenting with meal delivery services. They are teachers with a toddler who wants to make the most of their downtime with their little one while still creating healthy meals and cutting down on eating out. Sound familiar? They recommended we try EveryPlate and generously gave us a code to test drive a few meals at a discount.
Pork Sloppy Joes with Sweet Potato Wedges and Pickled Onions – EveryPlate
EveryPlate offers three meals a week at two or four servings each.
With about 6 options per week, the choices are limited but have not failed us yet in tastiness. For a small fee, around $2 a serving) you can upgrade to fancier options like great cuts of steak and lobster. You can even skip weeks at no charge should you be out of town or don’t like the menu for that week. A delivery service like this gives us creative, healthy, meal options with well rounded, easy to follow recipe cards that I save for future use. There are also a lot of techniques that I’ve learned and will take with me when we decide to move on.
Bahn Mi Beef Bowl with Sriracha Mayo, Pickled Cucumbers, and Carrots – EveryPlate
The recipes are relatively easy to follow if you have experience in a kitchen. For a novice, like myself, they could use a bit more information. I had an issue when we started, not knowing how to store certain veggies, but they have since corrected that on their recipe cards. Also, for me anyway, I usually have to add 30 minutes to the prep because I am still slow when cutting up veggies, and getting a pot of water to boil for mashed potatoes. I do love, however, that they give great tips to read before you start. Also, a mental note I had to make for myself was to read through the whole recipe before I start anything. Cris also prefers to have more veggies, as it seems that onions, garlic and tomato sauce are sometimes used as the veggie servings, as well as spices.
Taking the stress, planning, and overthinking out of the equation has started to make cooking meals quite enjoyable, and it’s made our little lonely kitchen quite sociable as well. Cris comes in regularly to see what smells so good, and H constantly wants to come and help stir or watch closely. I absolutely love that she gets so interested and sees me cooking for us, which is something I never expected to be good at.
Chicken Sausage Linguini with Zucchini and Parmesan – EveryPlate
When Every Plate comes full circle, or we get tired of the options, we plan to move to a different delivery service. So far, though, we have really enjoyed the creative and healthy options they have to offer, and can’t wait to see the menu when it’s released.

Many of the recipes will even work well in the skottle when we are in camp.

A special offer from Everyplate, save $20 on your first delivery.

If you made it this far, we also have 3 codes for a FREE trial box, Just share this post on Pinterest and leave a comment here letting us know you did!

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