Mommy’s First Weekend Away

I knew it was coming, in fact, I was the one that suggested it, even as my closest friend asked if I was sure I wanted to do this.

My mom said it was necessary for my sanity.

My first few days away from Baby W.

How do I say goodbye to this face?

We were meeting in San Francisco on Friday evening and staying the weekend for a beauty convention and some sight seeing. Despite being stoked to have a full couple days with Megan, and come home with a ton of beauty loot, I was also terrified.

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Disapointment in a State Park

Disappointment in a State Park

Growing up, well, I never really grew up, but when I was younger, my family lived in Chino Hills California. Even though it is only 40 miles east of Los Angeles, it was known for corn and cows, or the smell of cows to be more precise. Chino Hills was a small family town on the edge of one of the largest dairy preserves in the country.

A little over a mile from home was the entrance to Chino Hills State Park.

The land has a rich and long history. The spanish settlers ran cattle through the area, and most recently, before the park was formed in 1981, much of the area was used for grazing cattle, there are still some remnants left within its boundaries.  Currently the park is protecting over 14 thousand acres and is part of the Puente-Chino Hills Wildlife Corridor.

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